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I found your explaination of your school system very interesting.
Here in the US children attend elementary school from kindergarten thru 5th or 6th grade ( ages 5/6 to 11/12). Middle school is usually grades 6 thru 8. High School is normally grades 9 to 12 with the majority of the children between the ages of 14 to 18.
There are both public and private schools in all categories. Public education is much cheaper, because it supported through taxes. In my state you can pick the public school district your children attend through Open Enrollment. There is some paperwork to fill out, but for the most part it is a simple process and allows children to change public school districts fairly easy. Open Enrollment does create some competition between public school districts and has made schools improve there educational offerings so they are more desirable.
In my area all public school have their own school buses that take care of all of the transportation needs. I do think that in larger urban areas that city or public transporartion probably is used as well as transportation provided through the school.
I can understand your concerns about having your 11 yr old using public transporation daily. I hope everything works out and your Dd will be allowed to attend the school you think is the best for her.
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