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HIgh school Appeal

I don't know if you have to do this else where in the world but we have been very unlucky in schools since we moved.

We moved towns back in Aug 08 and it took us a goo 2 months to get the children in to a primary school (infants/middle - not sure what you call it)

Well my daughter is 11 now and in last year of Juniors and moving into secondary school (high school). we had the forms that had to be filled in for September, but we had them late as they didn't start school in time. We posted them off and was told we would hear which school she would be given.

Our schools here are graded by a company called OFSTED and it lets people know how good or bad the school is operating and what needs to be improved. We have to hand a form in stating 3 choices of school we would like our child to attend and they give you one of them.

They lost our first application form, so we sent off another and they managed to loose that one. Now because of all this we have been given our third choice school (which I am not in the slightest pleased at as it isn't a good school). It is mainly on first come first served basis.

I have now been given an appeal date of 20th June, I have to stand before a committee and say why we don't want her to go to this particular school and why we want her to go to the other school. We had to do this for the primary school when we first moved and it was awful. It was like standing before a court. They scrutinised everything. I know we won that one, but I am not holding out on this one as Kelsey is older now and is meant to be more independent, but she is just 11 and they are stating she can travel on public transport on her own. I would far more prefer her to travel on a school bus.

Oh the joys of parenthood.

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