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chuckle Sueanne

Well, I was just about to send a post----and lost the whole thing by hitting the wrong key!! ----- GRRRR!

Those of you talking about cleaning house have put me in the mood, but will wait until my visit is over. I am so anxious to begin painting, and cleaning one room at a time. Hope my arm is in condition, or I'll just take an Aleve, and "go to it! LOL!

Those hives can be terrible, can't they? I had them just once, and they always showed up when I had to cook dinner, and juggling #3 on a hip while I was stirring something. Those welts really get big, and ---ITCH You are lucky to find what caused them, so you could take care of it. I never did find out what caused mine.

Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone.
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