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Easy way to clean spills inside oven

I made an apple pie a week ago and I didnít put the pie on the pan and just put it in the oven, and of course the pie boiled over a little in our brand new oven. It's the new kind where the oven element is under the bottom of the oven, and you can clean it with a boiling water technique. I made the first goof up.

The pie turned out so good, I made another one a couple of days later. But this time I put the pie dish on a pan, and of course it boiled out a little too. I put the pan on the counter to cool and was going to get my husband to help me scrub it.

Then an idea came to me, I thought if I soaked it, the juice would be easier to clean. The pan was way too big to soak. So instead of soaking it I wet some paper towels and put dish detergent on them, don't squeeze them out too much. Simply lay the wet soapy paper towels on top of the spill , you may have to do it twice, but the next day the sticky stuck pie juice, just wiped right off.

So I tried it on my oven, doing the same thing; wet soapy paper towels and it wiped right off too.

Just wanted to share this in case this happens to you, so you don't have to clean the whole oven.
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