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Joyce, I'm sorry I've not answer sooner.. I would want either a creme color outfit with purple and pink as my color.
Or I would wear purple..
this is something you can dress up to make it formal or dress down to make it casual.
it left up to you really in my opinion.

What does he like you in, dress or pants?
what are you more comfortable in dress or pants?
make yourself feel good in what you are more comfortable in..
Make yourself look charming, beautiful, just as if you were the bride but can be more casual.

Do you still have your wedding dress? If so and that fits you could even wear that. I've seen coupls do that..

John and I was going to re-new our vows when we got to our 25th... and next yr we would of..

wishing you the very best and congrulations on 20th anniv.... May GOD go with you for many yrs...
Let us know what you did and show pixs.. Ok.
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