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Like cau, I too was a thumb sucker, and my parents tried everything from threatening to put Tabasco sauce on my thumbs to showing me what happens to the moth structure of children who suck their thumbs past the baby/toddler stage. My advice is this: How secure is their life style at home? Before you answer that - first put yourself back in your childself and try to think of things that could make you feel insecure - then look to see if any of your ideas are equivelent or similar to what their fears might be. Another suggestion is be very patient with your children about this do not harp on them or nag at their thumb sucking needs, and lastly consult your family doctor with your children present - S/He will be a better judge as to the condition your childrens thumb sucking is having on their bodies... Warts are not always caused by thumb sucking, there are many other reasons why your child may have received the wart...more then lickly your child may have a calous (similar in visual appearance to a wart, but non-virally created) - another reason to have your pediatritcian review the children thumb sucking and health concerns with you and the children present.
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