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I'm,not a smoker but my kids are. When John was in the hospital, his heart dr that he had during this time, told my daughter something I had never heard before.. and it made sense.
To stop smoking you do these things
1. never tell anyone you are, for the pressure will start you back to smoke again
2. if anyone does ask you about you not smoking just say yea or something along that line but don't go into details, for if you do you have told someone that you quit and once you do the pressure is back on you to not smoke which only leads to smoke again
3. After 2 wks of not smoking wherever your fav spot is to smoke, change it.
if it in a car, retail the car, if it is in a special chair, change the location, color
paint it or recover it.. throw a sheet over it, but change it
4 while you are trying to stop the smoking keep a package of cigeretts in your purse or pocket at all time. The reason is because you are making the choice of smoking or not to smoke. If you do you only can blame yourself and you can re-start.. you have that choice to tell yourself.. I have these cigeretts here I can smoke at any time for they are right here... but I also have the choice to say no.
what you are doing at this moment is you are making a choice, no one is making you to stop and no one is telling you to smoke, you are in control of yourself.. no one likes to be n control and if you quitting because of ???? reasons, you won't quit.. but if you makign the choice and they are right there, you be so proud of yourself for turning them down...
5.. Keep those cigeretts around for a yr even if you have quit.. for again it a choice you making and no one else is.

the dr said when peer pressure and someone is controlling you not to smoke you will always go back to smoking. but if you under no pressure and it your decision it works better and more easier to come off.

Like I said I'm not a smoker and I don't know but it did make sense..
I know John's son is going to try it but not sure if he has or not.

For my son to quit was watchign his daddy and how they were short change on having him around longer.. Plus John asked them to quit smoking before he died...
also My son wants to be around for his little one.
Also he set a motivation goal in mind and he cannot achieve it until he can quit the smoking.

whatever you do, I do wish you the best to come off of them.

your lungs can get better in time, nothing like they could been without ever smoking but they can be better. John's last visit to the lung dr his lungs sounded better than ever before...we were so proud...
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