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We currently have 1 big ole silly Rottie dog, our Daisy, and two cats- Lizzie, who looks like a cross between a Siamese beauty and a raccoon, and her daughter Anna, who's a gray-black-tan striped tiger with a white chin.

When we moved in August, Mr. Catwoman gave me an ultimatum- I could only bring 2 of our 6 cats with me. It makes sense, because we're renting, and 6 cats in the house was difficult to manage. We kept the solo mother-daughter pair and placed the other mother and her three young cats (all females) for adoption. We found out that two sisters got adopted together and the mother and last daughter were also adopted together.

Mr. Catwoman swears up and down that I brainwashed our Rottie not to attack the cats, but I did no such thing. He spoils her rotten. Daisy is a true daddy's girl!
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