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chuckle One week old today!!!

Time is going soooo fast! I cant believe she is a week old already.

She is starting to settle into sleeping 4 hours straight late at night.....I'd forgotten just how good only 4 hours of sleep can make you feel, LOL!!

Things seem so much easier the second time around. I can laugh at a lot of things that wouldve freaked me out the first time with my son.

Lets see.....she likes to eat, sleep and poop. Big accomplishments....dont ya think? Since 2 days old, she has been picking her head up and turning it from side to side. Yesterday she decided to show us that she can roll on her side from her back if she wants to. She also has just a little bit of an attitude already ....gee, I can see myself in her sometimes. She also loves to snuggle with Mommy!! My son hated to snuggle ( still does) I could hold her and snuggle with her forever!!

We are having fun with her. Surprisingly, my DH is more involved with her than I imagined he would be. He has been so helpful this last week!!

I am very happy with my recovery time so far. Im still a little sore but Im up and moving about and trying to work out the kinks. I want to start up my diet journal in about a week or so if everything stays on track like it is now.

Right now Im catching up on cleaning, cooking...etc....
I really miss gabbing with all of you!! Im even working some "FC time" into my new schedule for around here. Its my "mommy time". ;-)

We will be taking more pics this weekend and then we'll get them downloaded on my computer and Ill beg someone here to help me upload some onto this site.

Talk to all soon,


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