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We have one indoor kitten, actually she will be a cat soon. Heidi, a tortise shell. She is pretty small, but very very fiesty. She belongs to my 10 yo ds & he is not gentle with her at all. He plays rough with her & has plenty of scratches to prove it. Despite this, she loves him & know she is his. She will wait for him when he goes in the other room (IF she is awake, of course) & doesn't even care that I am around. Except she will come to me when I call "kitty, kitty" cause she knows I am going to give her something tasty. When he calls her, she knows he is just teasing her. Anyway, we also have 12 (fixed) outdoor cats. I call them country cats. They pretty much came with the house. I love them all though. Only about half are tame enough to pet.
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