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Post Our 2009 Babies minor Description

So many beautiful animal-children to talk about, starting with DeBora's boys.

Most everyone who has been in the gallery knows about ShereKon our boy we've had since 2000 (whether he is truly 9 yo is yet to be seen - but that's how long in August we've shared our lives w/his (aka SK, Mr ShereKon, tiger boy, little boy, and Boo), and recently we added another (girl) kitty to our family - Anna she is 5 yo according to her adoption file (aka Anna-Belle, Anna Banana, Closet-cat, MissAnna, NAnna, and Anna-Belle Bananas). Both are mix bred w/Tabby markings... ShereKon is part Maincoon - short hair ,
and Anna looks similar to SK, but with darker colors, a thinner - straighter tail, and short hair .

ShereKon also lets "me" know when he wants something other then their dry food (along with their water is left out until bowls are empty)... every morning he literally walks all over me, jumps down, back -up snuggles me and purrs. If I don't immediately acknowledge his effections and get-up, he walks all over my head and tries removing my hair... then sulks all day when he gets reprimanded (usually its Mr. Eddy what do you think you are doing or my all time favorite OUCH).

I don't know if I've added Anna to the gallery yet or not... I know I added our "visiting" cat JB, and our two older and gone, but not forgotten cats Joey &
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