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OK, let's see...I have 4 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 c***atiels.
The first horse I got was Storm, he is a quarter horse/Belgium cross. He was 8 mos old when I got him. He is a big baby, gentle as a lamb. When it got time to try to start him, my ds introduced him to the saddle blanket and saddle. He sniffed and checked them out, and Jesse saddled him up...he did nothing. After walking him around in the yard a few times Jesse decided to try to get on him. He didn't even flinch..he did great. Like I said...a big baby. I can do anything I want with him. He is very curious, he has to be poking his nose into everything I do outside.
Angel Eyes is a quarter horse, she is Storm's mom. She was my Fil's horse and we acquired her when he passed away. She is a little more aloof than my other horses, but she is coming around, she lets me pet her a lot more than she did when I first got her.
Red Angel Oats is a quarter horse/appaloosa cross, he is gorgeous! I have raised him from a foal (he is Angel's colt). Very gentle loving horse.
Last and least is Spirit, he is a miniature horse. He is a year old, I got him for my Dgks to play with. He is a character! Fiesty!
My oldest dog is Max. He is just a mixed breed, somebody dropped him off, and he ended up at my house. You can tell he has been abused because he still cowers down sometimes when I walk up to him. I have had him close to a year and I hope that someday he realizes that he is not going to be mistreated here. He is a very good dog.
Shadow is my other dog, he is only 9 wks old. but he has already won my heart. He is half basset hound and we have no idea what the other half is! LOL
Jasper is my cat, he is 8 mos old. I got him through the shelter when he was 4mos old. He is my buddy, he likes to curl up by me when I am watching tv. He also likes to get on my desk when I am on the computer, guess he is feeling ignored! lol
My birds are Chico (he is 14 yrs old) and Lola (she is 6 yrs old). Lola lays eggs, and they take turns sitting on them. So sweet. But they never hatch because they aren't fertilized. I think we had Chico too long before we got him a mate! He is more of a people person.
Anyway that is my family! I can't imagine my life without animals. they bring me so much joy!

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