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I have 3 dogs & 1 cat. A Golden Retriever, we don't know where he came from but he came here one Easter Sunday. I watched the paper under lost pets & waited in case someone showed up looking for him. After about 6 weeks nothing so I got him neutered and I told everyone he was my dog now. He is probably about 7 or 8 yrs old. My granddaughter was about 4 then and she named him Chase because when they played together he aways chased after her. He is getting Arthritis now so don't run like he used to. Buddy is a beautiful white Shih Tzu w/brown & black tipped ears. I got him at a local pet shop. He loves people and to be held and is very loving and worth every cent I paid for him, he will soon be 6. Skippy is a Chihuahua mix, mostly black with some brown. I got him from a pet shop too. My husband bought him for me after my beloved Sammy got killed by a car.I was mourning my loss so he thought I should have a replacement. I love him very much and it is obvious he knows he is my dog, but replace my Sammy(never). He is 91/2 months and he also loves people and to be held. Our cat we just got about 3 months ago, she was to be an outside cat but it hasn't happened yet. We got her spayed and she loves to be petted & talked to but not held. She has some real cute ways about her. She is gray with tan mixed all through and solid tan down the front of her neck and tips of her paws. Her name is Lacy. We have to keep her in a separate room with a baby gate across it because Buddy doesn't like her, not even 1 little bit. She is about 8 mo. old. We have had & lost many dogs & cats since we've been married and they all have their own special personalities and they all leave special paw prints on our hearts and we never forget them. Never, because they become members of the family.
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