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I have 4 cats. Dufus is 17 yrs old. His coloring is tortoise shell. I was told by a vet that it is unusual for a male to have this coloring. He is long haired. Very gentle and patient except when it is time to eat. Then he lets me know in no uncertain terms he is hungry. He was born under my dresser.

Charlie is a short hair gray and white. and is 12 years old. He is moody but has mellowed as he has gotten older. He was born in our shed and had the same mother as Dufus.

Jasper is a short hair gray cat that we got from the Humane Society. He is 5 and just the sweetest little guy. He was picked up as a stray. He stands on his hind feet when he wants to be picked up. When I pick him up he wraps his front legs around my neck or sometimes my head to give me a hug.

Misty is a long hair tortoise shell color and is the only female. She rules and has all the guys under her little paw. She is 3. We got her from a farmer and she was a mess. Dirty, full of burrs, poor health, could feel her back bone through her stomach. Took her to the vet. They bathed her, shaved her and she was spayed. She was 9-10 months old when we got here. She would never have made it to a year. She is just so sweet. She gets me up every morning. She loves to cuddle up with me.

All 4 are house cats. Dufus and Charlie would go outside of we would let them. Jasper and Misty want nothing to do with outside.

I also have a c--katiel. Gray with a yellow crest, white breast and 2 orange spots below the crest.
He talks and loves to whistle. He is 13 yrs old.
He likes to sit on top of his cage, loves to play with his toys and talks to himself when he looks in his mirror.
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