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We have three cats. Kitty, which I believe is a Russian Blue, she found us, was on our porch one winter, we fed her and she never left us. But, loves to go outside, but, very seldom leaves our yard, and follows us around outside, like a dog.

Then there is Sagwa, she is a three colored short-haired. We gleaned her from a farm. She is very dedicated to her owner. Which is Karrie, our 9-y.o. they both love each other so much. And Sagwa is very loyal to Karrie.

Than there is Boots/Boopies. DH rescued him from a co-worker, they had just thrown the kittens outside. Boopies is our 2 y.o. ds's cat. The cat realizes this, and even sleeps with him. And lets Zac do just about anything to him.

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