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I just noticed my boys are the photo of the week. The white chihuahua is Poncho. He is so old. He has arthritis, glaucoma, and badder stones. He is almost totally blind, which has happened recently. So, I have to go pick him up to take him outside and bring him back in because he cannot see well enough to go up and down stairs without flipping over. I have to make his own food since he is on a special diet.

The blond dog is Bonte. He is such a puppy. He is always wanting to play. I just love coming home from work, school, or practicum and have these beautiful boys waiting for me when I get home. I always have to spend a few minutes snuggling with them and loving on them.

DH is in OK with our Siamese cat, Prissy. She doesn't like to be held or cuddled, but she demands constant attention from him. She wants to be petted quite a bit.
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