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Annie's Recipes: Coca Cola Barbeque Chicken

This is one of those recipes that you think, "ok, this is either going to rock, or its going to be blah". Rocked!

Here is the link:

Here are my changes:
*I used diet coke. (I have a diabetic in my house - ketchup has enough sugar!!)
*I used chicken thighs.
*I threw in a shallot, just because it was laying around.
*I put the ingredients in my slow cooker for 8 hours and then kept it on warm until dinner time. (at which time I added a smidge of sea salt)
*I served mine over brown basmati rice, which I added some onion to while it cooked.

I chose this recipe out of desperation. The cupboard was bare. When my Dad came down for breakfast, it had been cooking for an hour and his mouth was watering all day! If you are down to bare bones and need supper - try it.

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