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I've heard so many people say they can't hang their clothes to dry because they live in an apartment or their HOA won't let them have a clothes line. Yes you can hang your clothes to dry but you have to be creative about it. Using a drying rack is a great idea. Putting a tension rod ( shower curtain rod) in a door way is also a great way to make space to hang clothes. If you have a hall you can zig zag a clothes line with bungee cord and some "s" hooks AND use the tension rods as well. You can also hang clothes in the bathroom on the shower curtain rod or put a drying rack in the bathtub with a small fan to help dry the clothes faster. If you live in a place with a garage, you can set up your drying racks or hang clothes on hangers and hang them from the garage door thingy.

Those are just some of my idea's.

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