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Question Re: $100.00 a week challenge I will take that challenge as well!! :)

Re: $100.00 a week challenge I will take that challenge as well!! As far as the diaper issue!! My DD is allergic to alot of diapers so we use luvs or generic brand or even store brand and we use coupons but we can't use cloth diapers because we are allergic to alot of diffrent clothing materials as well as chemicals and fibers!!
Shopping for home supplies like cleaning supplies or paper we go to Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Big Lots and we shop Clearance Racks!! We also try to take advatange of the times when are State has Tax Free Weekend and We buy all of our Supplies of Pens, Pencils, Paper, Crayons basically office,home, and school supplies on this weekend we stock up then!! As far as Food goes we shop around and we use coupons!!
We go to several diffrent places to get bread!!
Sometimes we go to SuperWalmart and buy our Bread and sometime we go to the Bread Thrift Store and buy our bread and then sometime we go to Dollar General to buy our Bread!!
We go to several diffrent places to buy our Milk!!
Sometimes we go to Bilo Golden Gallon to buy our Gallon milk for about $1.89 ! Sometimes we go to Super Walmart , Sometimes to A Regular Grocery Store, Sometimes to CVS, Sometimes to Eckerds!!
So I would also like to see if My Family and I can only use $100.00 a week to live off of !! Actually I would like to try to live off of even less than that for my family!!
My Daughter is in the process of being potty trained!!
So soon I will not be using diapers any longer!!
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