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I think parents should have a reasonable expectation that their children will be protected and have a proper learning environment. I think that the "no child left behind" law now prevents teachers and schools from kicking kids out who are problematic. My solution is to create schools for delinquents. They do this for correctional facilities. The inmates who are so mean and dangerous that they are a danger to other inmates are put in special facilities that give them more one-on-one guards and they get out of their cells 1 hour per day for exercise. They are simply too dangerous to put with other inmates. The government has a legal obligation to protect inmates once they've been arrested.

My point is that I don't see why the same government wouldn't have the same obligation towards our children who are the future of our world. A victim should NOT have to "rat" on his perpetrators. The teachers and staff should be aware of problematic kids. Some are more sneaky about it, but I can assure you that they do slip up and get caught and other kids do know what is going on. The bullies, whether or not they do anything physical to their victims, impact their victims for the rest of their lives. Also, many bullies are also victims themselves. That is why when a bully is caught, he or she should be placed in counseling to discover what is motivating that kid.

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