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Here is what I do to stretch the time between grocery store runs...

1) I buy as many milk gall as my fridge will hold (usually 5) & keep my water out until it will fit back in - if you dig to the back there are normally later dated jugs. We use normally 3-4 gall a week, so it just lasts roughly 10 days.

2) I use powdered eggs & egg white to bake with & save the real eggs for cooked eggs. I didn't calculate the cost, it just frees up space in the fridge, & I don't waste yolks when I need the whites only!

3) I buy a minimum of 5 loaves of bread at a time. I double bag (plastic) the bread and freeze it. It thaws quickly, & still tastes fresh. If I don't double the bag sometimes the last loaf isn't.

Keep in mind, its a 20 minute drive to the town I shop in, so I like to go less than once a week. We average 3 trips a month, it works for us!
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