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Well, I almost made it. I went over by $15. Went to cook dinner Friday night after soccer practice and found out that I had left the pizza dough out on the table and the dog got it! So had to order out and spend an hour cleaning up all the mess. Not Fun!
One way that we save and still get to go out is that we have asked that family get our family gift certificates to movies, restarants etc. We also bowl once a week on a league that gives out certificates instead of trophies. We will go to an early movie or wait for it to be at the Hollywood Hits theater that is only $4.50 a ticket. It means waiting about 4 weeks after the movie has been released. A local restarant will give you either a free appitiezer (I can't spell) or dessert with your movie stub from that day. So we get one of each and share. We almost always go for the early bird specials. Around here the meals are the same as the dinner time hours but almost half the price.

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