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DeBora, you are so right, so many people enter into marriage without a clue as to what marriage is really about. It seems so many young couples stay married long enough to have a child but when the going gets tough, rather than stay and work through it, they decide to divorce. Many young couples who marry have such unrealistic expectations. Marriage is never 50/50. Sometimes it is 70/30 one way, and other times 60/40 the other way but it is never the same. Learning to work through and support each other through the tough times is so important and every marriage will have tough times as well as good times. there are some days you wake up in the morning and absolutely love the person in bed next to you and other days you wake up, look over and think "what the heck was I thinking???" but as long as you both don't wake up thinking that on the same day you're ok. Dh and I joke about that all the time. Batterers are a tough group to deal with on many levels. I think what ever you decide to do, you will be successful at it, especially as you have patience!
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