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DeBora, Be careful with starting a Batterer's group. It can be dangerous. (I have worked for a Rape Crisis/Domestic Violence center for 18 years and several of the therapists have Batterer's groups and I also worked for a visitation program for parents who were court ordered to have supervised visits with their children). Couples marriage counseling does not work for domestic violence because often women are afraid to speak or say the wrong thing because the batterer will take it out on her once they get home. That can be extremely dangerous. Unless it is court ordered, most batterers would not attend a support group because they don't believe that what they are doing is wrong (among other reasons) They are also good at playing the victim and are master manipulators. I am not saying they can't change because they can but they have to want to change. There is so much more I could say on this but my advice would be to talk to your advisor first. Learn as much as you can about domestic violence and the cycle of violence (if you haven't already done that). Women can also be batterers and this is also a group that often not acknowledged as needing support groups. Good luck and i will be interested to know what your advisor thinks. If anyone can do this and handle it well, you can.
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