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Natural Easter Egg Dye

NATURAL EASTER EGG DYE Nature has a bounty of coloring agents for your eggs. This method takes longer to complete but it is a fun way to learn about the natural dyes of foods and juices, and using natural Easter egg dye is a great environment-friendly lesson for the kids!

Red or pink: Use beet, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, or strawberry juice
Yellow: Dilute turmeric or mustard powder in warm water
Purple: Use grape, boysenberry or acai berry juice
Blue: Use blueberry juice or actual blueberries
Brown: Use brewed or instant tea or coffee
Orange: Use concentrated orange juice or orange peels
Green: Use lime peels or green chard leaves

To dye eggs, add your coloring agent (from above), a tablespoon of white vinegar and eggs to a saucepan. Liquid should cover eggs add more water or juice, if necessary. Bring water to a rolling boil over medium-high heat. Boil for one minute then remove pan from burner. Let eggs and coloring agent sit for at least 15 minutes, longer for darker coloring. Eggs can also be refrigerated in the natural dye for up to a day. Remove eggs from pan and let dry on a stack of paper towels. Eggs are ready for hiding or further decorating.
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