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Needs ideas and opinions for marriage group counseling?

I am a clinical psychology student currently in practicum. This means I see clients and work with them as a student therapist. I am thinking about starting a support group for clients who are needing help in their marriage--a marriage support group. However, I am wanting to also have a support group for spouses who physically, mentally, and/or psychologically abuse their spouses and need help working through that. I am wondering what everyone else's opinions are about that type of support/help group?

I think that there are many couples who have one in the relationship who have trouble with their self-esteems and they deal with it by taking it out on their spouse. How should I advertise it or what should I call it? I haven't decided whether or not to even have it and there may not even be a demand for it. If I do it, I definitely would have to get approval from my advisor as to whether or not I can even do this. Groups are great because clients can relate to each other and they can be great sources for guidance.

I got to thinking about this when everyone was telling me that I have a talent for marriage counseling and I have dealt with abusive men and found that many counselors are so down on them that they can't see past the underlying reason for the abuse. In order for the abuse to stop, the abusive partner needs to be able to have a safe environment to work through the fears and problems that bring him/her to abuse.
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