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Pinkie Winky

This method works well when used along with treating the surroundings. It is cheap and can be used on very young babies who would not survive other methods.
Be sure that the room is very warm and that you have thick towels to dry and hold kitty with afterward as they are cold until they are dry.
We have been bathing our kittens with Palmolive anti-bacterial dish soap. I also use this method with a mild shampoo when they do NOT have fleas. I make it much easier on myself by using 2 large pans of warm water, both placed in the bathtub. In one of the dishpans, I add just a couple tablespoons of any anti-bacterial dishsoap. When using any flea shampoo, I use this same method. It dilutes the shampoo enough not to harm the cat and still makes it easy to treat her evenly and thoroughly.
After carefully placing the cat in the "wash" water and getting her wet just wash.Then try to squeegee(with your hand) as much of the wash water off as possible before placing the cat in the "pre-rinse" water. Rinse well. If needed you can use a sprayer made for this.Since kitty is nearly rinsed (or ALL rinsed in the case of a small cat), you don't have to scare them very long with the running water.
You could prob condition as well using this same method.
I start them as kittens so that they are very familiar with being bathed with water even if they never truly like it.:mad:
YOU MUST treat ALL pets and their surroundings or the problem
will NEVER go away.
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