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PB&J sandwiches!

Peanut butter and jelly sanwiches!

These freeze marvelously! I usually do a loaf or more at a time because I have 4 kids and they go through them fast. Here's what I do (I just did three loaves the other day):

Freeze the bread first. This makes it easier to spread the PB&J on! Remove the frozen loaf from it's bag and seperate into sandwich pairs. Make each sandwich with a layer of PB on one side and a THIN layer of PB on the other side. Then top the thin layer of PB with jelly. This keeps the jelly from seeping through the thawed out sandwich. Put the sandwiches into baggies (I do this because I use them mostly for sack school lunches, but you don't have to) and put them back into the original bread bag. Freeze until ready to use.

To thaw: Remove a frozen sandwich from the freezer and put into your child's lunch sack in the a.m. and the sandwich will be perfect by lunchtime. Not soggy!!

To thaw for immediate use: Place a frozen sandwich on a plate on the counter and it should be thawed within 10-15 minutes (sometimes sooner).

You can't even tell that these sandwiches have been frozen and it's SUCH a time saver!!

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