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DD2 started with tics at 5 yrs 4 months they started out as verbal tics (grunting, saying "crap" and "bugs" out of the blue) then would swival in the computer charge kicking the sides of the desk with no knowledge of doing it. We thought it was typical annoy your parent behavior.

When she was 5 yr 7 month when she started in with eye tics and loss of memory on what she was doing before the eye tic eppisode. I wrote a note to her teacher asking if this was happening at school (had 10 eppisodes within 2 min) and received a call within 20 min of school starting from the teacher. I had her in the doctor's office that day and was scheduled for an EEG in a month (helpful when you already see a Neurologist). We saw a new Neurologist (they are specialised) with the results of the tests that were run and I took a CD of DD2 that I had video taped her during her therapy sessions and at home from a recorder I borrowed from our pastor. She has now also been diagnoised with OCD and ADHD along with the Tourettes.

It is true that for a Tourettes diagnosis they have to have the "tics" for a year which can be verbal and physical.

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