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Lightbulb Did You Know???

If you wash your mirrors in your bathroom with shaving cream they won't fog. Same goes for eye glasses.
If you place/ hide small bowls of vinegar around your house it will absorb odors.
If you add some celery to the frying pan/pot while cooking fish it will absorb the smell.
There is only 4 things you need to clean and disenfect your house, baking soda, vinegar,toothpaste and borax.
To fix broken china or pottery use can milk like you would glue, works better then glue.
Alway's wash paint brushes in cool/cold water then they won't get bushy. Either wrap in newspaper or hang to dry.
If using paint brush again for same project wrap in plastic wrap and store in freezer. defrost well before using.
If painting at night make sure window coverings are closed to get proper light. It is better to paint at night, light and shadow wise.
You can use a ( used) dryer sheet to: dust furniture,as insect repellant, make a new dust mop.
If you have a problem with ants draw chalk lines around doors and windows around where you think they are coming in from or on they're paths and they won't cross it.
Borax kills ants.
If you wash an area with peppermint oil ( diluted of course) you won't get mice there.

That's all I can think of for now. Sorry it's so long and probably all known stuff but I thought I'd pass it along anyways. What's some of the things that you do?
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