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Karen, I bet 2-year-olds perceive bad language differently than we adults do.

I remember when my DD, who was a newborn infant, had to be taken to a nearby town by ambulance. My then, 3 yr old DS was left in the care of relatives. We were gone for a few days (we eventually discovered that she had severe allergies to polyester). We go to church and right there in front of everyone, my DS, stamps his foot and states, "D*mn-it." I was shocked. This continued for awhile. He acted as if this was nothing. I went to my father and grandfather because this was one of their favorite words. They swore that they didn't use this word in front of our DS. My DS finally almost stopped using the word, which was always accompanied with the stomping of his foot. It was like he picked up the mannerism that went along with it. We went on an outing with the in-laws, which included my BIL. We had a cook out. Then, BIL bumped something or got mad. At any rate, he stomped his foot and said this word! Then, my DS started doing this behavior over and over and over! I pointed my finger at my BIL and said, "YOU!" I figured out that it was my BIL that taught my DS this. DS eventually outgrew it. Toddlers pick up all kinds of behaviors from all the big people in their lives. They can be funny when they do it wrong. lol

If he is still doing this in a year, be sure to check with the doctor. If he does have TS, his symptoms will get worse. He will get grunts and squeeks and some sort of limp tic along with the verbal tics.

I am glad mine are grown. We do know that if my DS has children, there is a 50% chance that his children will develop TS.
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