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Thanks, Debora, I will just keep watching him.

I know children swear and either 1. have no clue they are doing something bad.
2) Know it is bad and get a rise out of adults, and like to perform.

So, what gets me about it, is he is just saying these words out of no where. At first I was thinking it was an attention thing, that he had been getting a rise out of the older kids. But, what really got me to start being concerned were two incidents.

He was with his older brother, and they were making breakfast, and Zac just came out of no where with words. ODS just ignored him.

Than one night I was reading a book to Zac, and he blurted out the bad words. And just sat there, when I said what did you say, in a very regular question voice, he looked at me and said "what"? With a look on his face like I was crazy, and that he seemed to think he hadn't said anything.

I will just keep watch, and just hope it is a phase. Because I have not noticed any type of ticks. Just a habit of pursing his lips, and with his pointer finger feeling the pointy part of his lip. Which like I said is just a habit, I am sure, as he seems to be aware that he does it, cause he has done it to me.

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