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One thing I forgot to mention is that Pennyroyal the herb is good to throw under your rugs etc. They also make Pennyroyal shampoos. It runs in the mint family. It has a "minty" smell.
This is if you want to the more natural route.
I don't want to ruffle feathers but I woud not use dish soap on an animal period. I have seen them use things like Dawn on oiled birds/waterfowl but it was very controlled. You can also use
diatomaceous earth on carpets and such for flea control.
Use caution when using ourdoor flea products and letting your animals on it before it dries.
I feel failry comfotable saying these things becasue I was a vet assist for 10 years and I'm also a schooled groomer but have been retired form th animal field for about 10 years. Maybe things have changed but I feel that this is pretty standard advice even now.
Robin in NC
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