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Information on Tourettes Syndrome needed!

Is there a certain age where Tourettes appears in a child? What are signs?

I know all kids seem to have their habits of different things. DS always wiggles his jaw, DD cleared her throat annoyingly for a very long time.

But, my 2 y.o. DS has started just yelling out swear words. Yes, he unfortunately hears these words at home. And when he does say these words we usually just react like he is saying any old thing. We don't over react, and tell him not to say that, or laugh.

He just in the last week, has started to just at any given time like while watching TV, to just say "f=(&!^& @$$". What gets me is I have not noticed anyone in the home saying this! At least not in combination, and I know it is not something he heard some where else, as he does not go anywhere else.

I have not noticed any other ticks.

He does have quite a vocabulary, clear vocabulary, and the thing is other people understand what he is saying!

Could this just be a phase, and he is just trying out new words?

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