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Leslie Sansone has several different walking DVD's and the recent one that I have been using is called "Walk at Home, 5 Day Slim Down." On this one with the warmup, main walk and then cool down it takes about 30 minutes to do one mile each day. There is a classic walk, one for sculpting your arms, another for your legs, one for your tummy and a speed walk. On this one I have to stop and change the menu between the warmup, the main walk and the cool down but on the main walk I can let it continue and do more than one mile if I want to. Is that clear as mud? I have some of her other DVD's that go straight through and the longest is about 45 minutes. The movements are not difficult and I can pretty much keep up with the pace and all I need is a pair of tennis shoes and enough space to walk a couple of steps backwards and forwards and side to side.

Dh claims that his mother always fed him canned veggies and if he didn't eat them for dinner she would make him eat them cold for breakfast, so he doesn't like anything green except will tolerate a few peas or corn. He does like raw spinach, which I put in salads a lot in the summer but it is not good here this time of year.

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