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She's been with me since July and the first thing I did was put her litter box in a room where I knew it'd stay, so it's not been moved at all. Well, only to clean. The door is open all the time so she can go in and out, and about the only time she stays in there is when she wants to lay in her bed and look out the window. I'm using the same brand of litter that my mom always did too, so I'm just confused. She has a litter box with the lid on it and the door. She's been to the vet and they did blood work and everything was fine there too. I'm at a loss. She's using the doggie door and goes in the back yard a lot and seems to really love that, even goes out in the rain and then sits at the doggie door and waits for me to dry her off. I don't know, it's just odd to me, and I've never had a cat so I worry.
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