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What to feed a stray kitty?

We inherited a kitten that was living under our trailer, the mom cat was hit by a car. I do not know how old the kitty is, what can I feed it? Can I feed it the cat milk in a carton from an eyedropper. It's eyes are fully opened and it can get around easily. We can not walk around under our trailer to see where she gave birth to it and/or if there are other ones, we have not heard any after we got this one out from under the trailer.

I am concerned that the baby won't survive. Do I need to take it to the vet, and if so what are the chances of it surviving? It seems as though she took very good care of it. But is it normal for only on kitten to survive out of a litter? I know the mom cat was a stray from last years stray kitten litters. So the mom was fairly young.

Any adivce?

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