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ok..heres how i do it..for my main book, my black book as the kids call it..

i use amy knapps family organizer. its got alot of things i can use to organize myself. its 2 pages per week, with one pag for the week, and one page for a huge to do list, grocery list, and 2 month calender on it. on the week side, is big places to write things out,plus a tear off part for menus.

since i never use the menu or grocery part, i use them for adding more notes to myself. like on the todo side, i keep a running total of how much debt ive paid down, one week a month, plus all the little things i loose track numbers, or notes of things ive done. i know im not explaining it well...but i love this little calender. its great.

i also keep a 2 yr calender in my purse for keeping note of apts for my family or things like that..then i add them to my black book calender. when i dont need that part anymore, i put the little purse calender in my black book for when i know the appts will be for the next year. that way im on top of it when the year changes. i just got the 2yr planner for cheap at the dollar store.

anyway, that seems to work for me the best.

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