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I have been doing some searching also. The new law applies to all products sold that are meant for children (12 & under) as far as I can see. The CPSC does have some flexability in interpretation, but it does apply to products produced before the law was put in effect also. This were the resale industry is concerned. The law does not force resale outlets to mandetory testing, but they cannot sell (and or give away, donate, etc.) anything meant for a child 12 or under unless they can prove it meets the new standards. Although it will be hard to enforce I think your neighbor yard sale would be subject to the same regulation.
This is not necessarily a bad law (we all want to protect our children), but a poorly thought out one. I am not sure legislators actually considered the far reaching consequences in their rush to "protect" our children from harmful cheimcals.
If anyone learns more let us know.
Contacting your legislators would be a good idea and let them your feelings on this law.
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