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Lisa & Panj I would start by making a list of 25 meals your family enjoy breaking down the ingrediants so you know what those meals will cost. Then add in paper, cleaning products, pet food, etc if you include them in your grocery budget. As the month goes use what you have on hand and replenish your cupboards & freezer when items are on sale and you have coupons.

Having a soup & sandwich or salad night along with a meatless bean/rice or other type meal once a week will help lower the budget as well as making use of leftovers.

When I find meat (chicken, pork loin, hamburger) on sale I'll buy enough for 5-6 meals to get us through the next several weeks. More expensive "treat" meals like steak I'll buy 2 meals worth for the month saves a lot of money over eating out.

I think most of us have a separate eating out budget if we eat out at all.

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