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I agree with brehartsell, can you sit your dh down and talk to him about needing to present a united front? Explain that children need boundries and guidlines in order to learn and grow up into responsible adults. It is ok to play with a child, but children also need other kids their own age with whom to play. Children are also very good at playing one parent against the other. It would be a good idea to have dh check with you before agreeing to something or you checking with him. He is not doing his dd any favors but allowing her to run the house. I hope he will listen to you if you talk with him. Tell him how you feel, tell him you want to love and be a good mom to his dd, not just "the bad guy" who disciplines. Not sure if this helps at all but I feel for the little girl who has two "playmates" as parents but no boundries.
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