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Tight Curves Protein Powder for Women

Tight Curves is the first and only multipurpose HeartHealthy protein product for women that delivers 14 grams of high quality protein, with only 4 grams of carbs. It also includes specific ingredients that support bone health, a concern of women susceptible to osteoporosis, mood management, a concern of women dealing with hormonal changes. Daily incorporation of Tight Curves into a healthy diet promotes toned muscles, enhanced fat oxidation regulated moods, increased endurance, and decreased recovery time from exercise or other activity.

Why Do Women Need Their Own Protein Product?
While experts agree that all healthy and active people need protein, there is a distinct
difference between the type of protein meant for a man and woman’s body. Women
need protein to maintain and tone muscles, and increase endurance. Tight Curves is
a HeartHealthy protein powered by soy protein isolates, and PeptoPro, a scientifically
developed protein that does not carry the digestive issues often associated with whey

“The presence of PeptoPro in Tight Curves helps to enhance exercise recovery as
compared to other common sports drinks,” says Kristal, “it also reduces muscle
soreness and post-exercise pain – something every woman needs after a long,
grueling workout.”

Most women experience issues with typical whey protein products such as bloating,
gas, and diarrhea, all of which can be deterrents when trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Tight Curves protein has proven to be the best choice for women looking to incorporate protein into their diets due to its ability to support bone mineral density and increase firm muscles while losing unwanted body fat.

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