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vacation with adult girlfriend

A few years ago, I went into a Christian chat room on the internet. This was a first ever for me; and I felt so out of place; but met a fantastic lady there. It was her first visit to a chat room also, so we seemed to 'click'; even tho we became friends with many others that gathered there most everyday. I might add, we were both well over 55 then! LInda lives on the West coast and we live on the East coast. We corresponded by snail mail, telephone and internet for 2 years, when Linda finally came across country for a visit. What a time we had! First of all, we drove from Pa. to Ohio for a 2 day visit to meet one of the other ladies we met in the chat room. That trip was so memorable...laughing, singing, crying, sharing and loving every minute of it. We returned to my home; rested up for a day, then headed off on a 3 hr trip to what I fondly call "Amish Country" in Lancaster, Pa area. (I used to buy and sell wooden and hand crafted items in that area). We spent the entire day there and could have spent 2 or 3; but we had bigger fish to fry; and more places to visit for what remained of her visit. After resting up again, we gathered up the two oldest of my grandchildren, and along with my dh as our driver, we headed for Gettysburg; 2 hrs away. That trip was a must, as Linda's departed husband was a History teacher and had always dreamed one day of them both visiting that area. Once again, our visit to that site was done in just one day, but should have taken at least two. A memorable item for Linda on that trip was her being able to order a brick, engraved with her dh name, and have it installed in the sidewalk in the square; even though she knew she would never see it after it was placed there. There was so much to see; but, too tired to do more than crawl in the car, we finally headed home; stuffed from good food and great memories for all! The remainder of Linda's visit with us was spent visiting local sites and our children and their families. Her last day, we had a family picnic at our house, and so much fun...water guns, laughter, everyone soaked, good conversations, good food. (LOL, can you tell, we like to eat?) In between all the activities, we spent the rest of visit simply just sitting on porch, swinging, talking...silence, listening to each others silent thoughts, mixed with our own, and the contentment of two sisters..not by birth, but chosen by love. It just goes to prove, you don't have to be friends for life, to be the best of friends! We still keep in close touch, almost daily; mostly over the internet, either emailing, through Yahoo or playing scrabble online together. We so enjoy each other and what we have found; and just know, a certain History teacher angel in heaven had a lot to do with our finding each other here on earth! God bless you all, and may you each cherish the friendships you now have; and those to come. I would like to add a postscrip to this: Just this past summer, Linda's daughter and her husband were able to take a trip to Gettysburg, and they not only were able to look up and find the brick with Vance's name on it, but took pictures of it for Linda! What a highlight for her memory book, and she shared those pictures with us via our 'windows to our world' our computers. What would we do without them???

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