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I'm sure that there are people who would use a harness out of pure laziness. I put one on my daughter at the age of 2 because she too would get away from me and take off into the street. One close call was all it took, and that was one close call too many for this mom!

Using the harness allowed her to have some freedom. She figured out before the age of 1 how to get out of any stroller and high chair we put her in! She wanted to walk around and be on her own. She enjoyed the freedom to walk on her own 2 feet and I enjoyed the safety net the harness provided. YES, I was careful with her but as I said, my other child could provide distraction at times--kids are good at that!

I was less worried about a predator or kidnapper than I was about her just plain getting away and getting into an unsafe (traffic) situation. I only used the harness when I needed to--she wasn't in it all the time. Eventually she learned how to hold hands nicely--but even now (at 12) she is the one I have to call to when we are all walking somewhere: "Stay together, Joanna! Don't walk so far ahead!"
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