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Precious Girls Club -Books & Online Website

Precious Girls Club is more than a club - it's a way of thinking, acting and living. We are dedicated to helping young girls discover how wonderful and fun it is to be precious. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the life of your very own Precious Girl. We're blessed to be part of this very important mission.

In the online world of the Precious Girls Club, your daughter can learn and play in a safe, wholesome environment based on the values embraced by Precious Moments. On our website, PGC members create their own characters (or "avatars"), decorate their rooms, explore our town, socialize, play games and even shop "virtually" using the points they earn on the site. PGC games reinforce such virtues as helpfulness, kindness, responsibility, loving and caring. In addition to points, many activities award "virtual" virtue charms. And, it's all fun!
Be assured, online "chat" in Precious Girls Club is safe! PGC members can only communicate with other members. And, girls "talk" using sentences and questions pre-written by Precious Girls Club - no surprises!
PGC makes it easy for mothers to participate in their daughters' online activities. From your own page on our website, you can email from the "real" world to your daughter's "virtual laptop" in her Precious Girls Club room. So, when your child demonstrates "caring" in the real world, you can send her a congratulatory message and points toward an online "caring" charm. The parent's section even suggests ideas for helping your daughter earn her virtue charms at home or in her community. Precious Girls who earn all five virtue charms are awarded a pair of angel wings and the ability to fly - good for a limited-time and only online, of course!

Another wonderful shared activity is helping your daughter create her own Precious Girls Club. When your Precious Girl wants to host a "real world" party, together you can visit Katie's online clubhouse and download everything she needs: invitations, activities, recipes and craft ideas.

POINTS & PRIZES MEMBER BONUS WORD: Expires 11/17/08 Enter bonus word CCBONUSME by clicking here

Precious Girls Club products reinforce our values-based message. Visit retail stores for official Precious Girls Club merchandise, including:
  • storybooks
  • charms and charm bracelets
  • music CDs
  • figurines
  • water globes, and
  • plush toys
And, every product purchase comes with an access code for upgrading your daughter's PGC membership.
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