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Hi Kathie, our district is apparently in good shape. My teen's coach/teacher said they were losing 3 teachers, so that's not too bad. We have one high school & it was originally built in 1964 and is outdated and overcrowded. A bond issue was passed last year so that a state of the art high school will open late fall. I have been happy with dd's elementary, not sure how many teachers they are losing, I think it's 3. We are a small district, altho' not as small as most down here in the SouthWest.

Surely there are options available besides cutting education budgets. What about that tabacco tax thing? I've heard it mentioned as an option. I just don't understand why there's such a rush to cut education when there's still "fat" that can be trimmed (And don't get me started on cutting social services!!
"We won't pay a living wage, we'll send jobs to Mexico, AND cut social service programs as well!!)

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