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Hi... home school for two reasons. The first being that I was born and raised were I am raising my son.And even 20+ years ago when I attended public school here it sucked.The school system were I am from pushes through the jocks regardless of their education level.I know some people who graduated and couldn't read.While everyone other than the star athletes just get blown off and forgotten about.There has also been a long standing cover up when it comes to the violence in the public school system down here.There are 8 year olds carrying 9mm handguns to school.And the little thugs are allowed right back into the same school with the other children that they terrorized.The other reason I home school is because my son is an severe asthmatic and they won't allow him to have his meds on his person.They want them locked up in the office across campus from were he would be at.And so basically they are putting my child's life in jeopardy.Because he could die before he reached his meds.
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