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I lost 20 lbs. from swimming

Hi, I'm 17 years old and 5'2". I also weigh 170 right now. That took a LOT of effort...I used to weigh 180 lbs. and I felt horrible. I felt fat, and it wasn't that I thought people were talking about me and calling me fat and stuff, it was just that I didn't feel very good about myself. I looked down at my stomach and I felt like I was sticking out and my thighs rub together and I just feel gross. Well, my friend suggested I start swimming (not to lose weight, but she was a swimmer and she wanted me to do it too) and my whole family, even extended, kept bugging and bugging me about it. Finally I gave in and joined last summer. I am so glad I did, I got obsessed and I throughly enjoy it. Anyway, I lost 20 lbs and I felt so much better about myself. But I gained some back, and I'm like "NO!!! STAY AWAY!" and I'm swimming again this summer. I also will be in Marching Band and I will be walking everyday, I have given up pop and started drinking tons and tons of water. My goal is to lose another 20 lbs. I think I might between walking, swimming, and marching band, I will. I will keep you updated on that. Does anybody have any more ideas?
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