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Donna-Marie, I hope John recovers from his pneumonia and that he doesn't have cancer. You are both in my prayers.

Connie, I hope things work out for the spaghetti dinner. It is a lot of work so I hope people step up to help.

Barbszy, I hope everything goes ok for your dad. I know the waiting is hard (probably more so on you and your mom). He will be in my prayers.

Ellen, I am sorry to hear about your mom. Is she in the hospital or at home? Hopefully your sister can get some good information on how to help her since she is a speech therapist.

Patti, hope you are feeling better today. sounds like you have a busy month ahead with craft fairs and your birthday trip. I hope you and Susie have a wonderful time!

DeBora, glad Poncho did well in surgery. Sounds to me like your temp boss is not doing a very good job. When does your regular boss come back from maternity leave? I hope things work out for your dh as far as his job goes.

Theresa, it is so nice to see your post. We were all worried. I think you did the right thing in getting a restraining order against your mil. You deserve to have some peace and not to be harrassed. You are a terrific person and a good friend so never doubt that! I hope things continue to get better for you. You are always in my prayers.

Karen, survival seems to be key for most of us these days!

Only 4 dc kids today. It is cloudy and rainy out so we will be inside. Dh is home sick today so still upstairs in bed. No whining so far which is good. (he can be kind of a baby when he is sick). I will see if he wants a cup of tea later. One time when I was really sick (temp of 103 etc.) I was up in bed. After awhile dh came up to ask me if I needed anything. I asked him if he could please make me a cup of tea. He said ok and went back downstairs to do that. Two hours later I am still waiting for my tea so I come downstairs and ask him. Well he made the tea all right, he just forgot to bring it up to me. Lucky for him I will remember to take better care of him!!! Hope everyone is having a great day!
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