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This is a really cool product! It's very easy to use--just press a button to turn it on, then clip it onto the strap of your child's schoolbag (or your luggage). Hold the balanzza and lift the item off the ground. In a few seconds it will beep and display the weight of the item.

My 12-year-old daughter's schoolbag weighed 12.9 lb., more than 10% of her body weight. It should be interesting to see what my high-school-age son is hauling around each day.

I weighed my purse, too, and was surprised that it weighed 4.4 lb. Maybe I should lighten the load...

This item is small but very sturdy and well-made. The package says you can lift a 100-lb suitcase with it; but I don't think I could lift a suitcase that weighed that much!

This is handy if you travel a lot or if you're concerned about the amount of weight your children carry each day in their schoolbags!
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